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Financial Inclusion – Changing The Sector Together Brings Smiles For The Unbanked.


Financial inclusion is a key element of social inclusion, particularly useful in combating poverty and income inequality by opening blocked advancement opportunities for disadvantaged segments of the population. It focuses on providing financial solutions to the economically underprivileged. The term is broadly used to describe the provision of savings and loan services to the poor … Read more

NPCI Joins Hands With Aggregators For Tokenization Facility


National Payments Corporation of India has joined hands with brands and aggregators such as bigbasket, Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, JioPay, Juspay, Paytm, and PhonePe to introduce a Tokenization facility supported by the recently launched NPCI Tokenization System (NTS). This facility will help millions of customers maintain the security of their card financial data for online transactions, as … Read more

How Can Investors Take Advantage Of Business Cycles


Sypnosis A business cycle, sometimes called a “trade cycle” or “economic cycle,” refers to a series of stages in the economy as it expands and contracts. Constantly repeating, it is primarily measured by the rise and fall of gross domestic product (GDP) in a country. Business cycles are cyclical. So, while these can positively or … Read more

India To Witness New Alliances

India To Witness New Alliances

Lenders Join Hands With Fintechs For Expanding Business Banks have become serious about how they collaborate with fintech companies and derive the maximum value out of these partnerships. Acquiring a stake in the new-age companies is one way of doing it and banks are looking to go big on this. What Are Banks And Fintechs … Read more

NBFCs To Get Equally Treated As Banks Under Prompt Corrective Action By RBI

NBFCs To Get Equally Treated As Banks Under Prompt Corrective Action By RBI

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced Prompt Corrective Action for NBFC’s as a punitive action against the lenders in case their capital adequacy ratio falls or Non Performing Assets (NPA’s) rise above certain threshold limits. But Before We Begin Concepts To Know Prompt Corrective Action Prompt Corrective Action or PCA is a framework under which … Read more

Why Rupee’s Fall To 20-Month Low Should Not Worry You

Why Rupee's Fall To 20-Month Low Should Not Worry You

Currency fluctuations are a natural outcome of floating exchange rates, which is the norm for most major economies. A currency’s exchange rate is typically determined by the strength or weakness of the underlying economy. As such, a currency’s value can fluctuate from one moment to the next. Currency Depreciation is the loss of value of a country’s currency with … Read more

RBI Retail Direct Scheme- A Significant Milestone In Government Securities Market

RBI retail

The Reserve Bank announced the activation of the RBI Retail Direct Scheme with effect from 12TH November 2021. The Scheme was launched through virtual mode by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. A Government Security (G-Sec) is a tradable instrument issued by the Central Government or the State Government. It acknowledges the Government’s debt … Read more